A 100 years from now, who will care how succesful we were or how comfortable our lives were? What will matter then is what we invested our lives in. Steve Saint

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One Heart International Mission - Eswatini Trip

October 2019

Nine of us from One Heart International Mission went on this trip to Eswatini. We carried food parcels and equipment to show the movie "Magdalena" ...

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African Overland Mission 2018 - Swaziland

January 2019

Practical work, Prison ministry and Prayer groups. We spent some time helping around the house at our hosts’ beautiful place in Swaziland, an area in great need.

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Rianne's Visit to Swaziland

May 2018

Before I started this adventure. I didn’t know what to expect I heard a lot about what Swazi Vision does but still you don’t know what it really does for the people and for yourself.

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Bambanani Project

February 2018

The Bambanani project was started in 2010 under the NGO Caring for Shiselweni to help empower women and men with skills in crafts.

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A story of Gods love

September 2017

Gcenile is a Swazi from Nkwalini. She lost both her parents at a very young age and she struggled as she had to survive without any help.

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Pastor's Conference

August 2017

A Pastor's Conference was held on 14 August. All together there were about 20 people including three missionaries from Frontline Fellowship...

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Frontline Fellowship Mission

April 2017

Frontline Fellowship visited Swaziland recently, staying with SwaziVision, and teaching at our local church ...

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Ministers Conference

March 2017

Recently at KwaSizaBantu, Oom Jan asked me, 'Why don't you bring the ministers from Swaziland to the "Minister Conference"?' We went with 3 cars and 15 pastors ...

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The Story of Doctor

March 2017

The story of Doctor (his real name and not a title) is one of the most amazing stories ever heard in Swaziland. He was in prison for almost 6 years for something he did not do ...

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The World race

3 October 2016

Over the month of September, SwaziVision has partnered with seven missionaries from the United States who are a part of a program known as The World Race...

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Big Bend CCF

August 2016

We have a committed group of Christians who always gather at the chapel and listen to sermons by our brother in the Lord Leo....

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Thomas' Testimony

June 2016

The Leadership Conference that commenced on 10th June 2016 was an eye opener to me. It made me discover myself, my shortfalls and my strengths ...

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