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What means Swaziland to me?


Swaziland, May 2018

Before I started this adventure. I didn’t know what to expect I heard a lot about what Swazi Vision does but still you don’t know what it really does for the people and for yourself. After all the preparation I finally got on the plane, first time flying wow that was amazing!!!!!!

When I finally landed I immediately saw how beautiful Afrika is. So, after a few hours I came in the kingdom of eSwatini also beautiful while I was driven to my home base “where I had a warm welcome”. I saw a group of cows walking across the road I said WOW!!!!!!!!! Haha I heard some laughing. I didn’t understand why but now I do cause its nothing special because it happens a lot.

The thing that surprised me in a good way. Is that everybody is so nice and sincerely happy that you are there. In the community I felt right at home it’s a normal thing when you greet someone you always say, “hello how are you?” I love that. Now that I have been here for a few weeks I can say that I actually know a few people. I went to bible study’s/craft mornings, book club/church and church events. Going to all of those things brought so much good.

But not only in the Christian activities, people are happy to see you but also just people I met, people I met at the school where I helped the school teachers. I am really going to miss all those kids and all the people who work there they really touched my heart.

I heard the best stories. People here really trust in the Lord and talking about faith is a normal subject to talk about you can talk with anyone about faith.

The food is good around here, the bread and cheese are similar to what we have in Holland. When you go out and eat you have to ask for crispy chips cause otherwise you get sloppy ones. My experience is that the food is always delicious in the places where I have been. They serve pap over here but not like I know it. Here it’s really stiff, you can break it with your hand dip it in something and you eat it with your hands its really good. And it’s been made of mielie meal and water it’s been easily made.

There is so much to tell, but the last thing that I want to say is: go! and experience how life is in Swaziland, it’s an experience of a lifetime. I will forever carry these wonderful memories with me.

Greetings and a big hug (cause that’s something you get every day from the people here, so you better get used to it 😊 )


Rianne de Vos

Visiting Volunteer from Holland


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