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The man who changes the world!

Jesus Messiah in SiSwati - Jesus Messiah is the complete story of Jesus in pictures. Drawn by Willem de Vink from Holland, this comic book has been translated in 140 languages and is now also available in SiSwati.

This book will make a tremendous impact in eSwatini.
There is a need in eSwatini for the Gospel, and this book will help to fill that need.
This comic book will be distributed in prisons, schools, churches, government departments, companies and in communities.

It has been said that the Bible is the greatest missionary. The Bible in the people's own language will have a much greater impact. Someone has said about this book, 'Now Jesus is one of us, he speaks our language!'

Bringing Jesus Messiah to the children Jesus Messiah Jesus Messiah Jesus Messiah Jesus Messiah Jesus Messiah in SiSwati Jesus Messiah in SiSwati Jesus Messiah Jesus Messiah Translations Jesus Messiah Translations Willem de Vink Willem de Vink
Our goal is to print 400 000 copies, but we would need your help with this.

You, your church, church groups, companies can sponsor any book, all gifts are welcome; little gifts, big gifts, very big gifts – in any case, God will provide the fruit / increase.

Euro (€) Books Paid For South African Rand (ZAR)
10.00 15 books 150.00
50.00 75 books 750.00
100.00 150 books 1 500.00
250.00 375 books 3 750.00
1000.00 1500 books 15 000.00
5000.00 7500 books 75 000.00

It has been said about eSwatini (former Swaziland) that:

This generation must reach this generation, and we cannot fail!

If we do fail, the next generation will point their finger to us and ask 'Why did you not do it, you had all the opportunities?' Then again, the next generation may not get the opportunity we have.
This is the time!

How to Donate

At this stage, we are able to accept "offline donations" or payments to our bank accounts. If you plan to visit us, we can also accept cash.

In Swaziland

Ministry Support Account Details

First National Bank Matata
Account name: The Swazi Vision Trust
Cheque account number: 622 6566 1910
Call account number: 622 6566 1259
Branch code: 286064
Swift code: FIRNSZMX
Ref: Jesus Messiah

In Holland

Giften voor dit werk zijn belasting aftrekbaar en kunnen worden overgemaakt naar Stichting 'Samen op de Bres' te Harderwijk.
Het IBAN van St. Samen op de Bres is: NL35INGB0001152914 t.n.v. Swazi Vision / Jezus Messias