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SwaziVision needs YOU!

"A 100 years from now, who will care how succesful we were or how comfortable our lives were? What will matter then is what we invested our lives in."

By "investing" in SwaziVision, you help us to continue our work in Swaziland.

How to Help:


Moyeni Care Point Life Skills Conferences Orphan Care Prison Ministry
How to Donate

At this stage, we are able to accept "offline donations" or payments to our bank accounts. If you plan to visit us, we can also accept cash, non-perishable food items and other necessary items. Please get in touch for a list of current needs.

In South Africa

Personal Support Account Details

First National Bank, Pavilion
Account name: Leo Baan
Account number: 620 233 91030
Branch code: 22 43 26
Swift code: firnzajj

In Swaziland

Ministry Support Account Details

First National Bank Matata
Account name: The Swazi Vision Trust
Cheque account number: 622 6566 1910
Call account number: 622 6566 1259
Branch code: 286064
Swift code: FIRNSZMX

In Holland

Giften voor dit werk zijn belasting aftrekbaar en kunnen worden overgemaakt naar Stichting 'Samen op de Bres' te Harderwijk.
Het IBAN van St. Samen op de Bres is: NL35INGB0001152914 t.n.v. Swazi Vision