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The World Race

Swaziland, September 2016

Over the month of September, SwaziVision has partnered with seven missionaries from the United States who are a part of a program known as The World Race. The World Race is a year-long journey which these men and women embark on to spread the good news and the joy, hope, peace & love that comes through a relationship with God.
Over the duration of a year, these missionaries will be moving throughout 11 different countries (Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Jamaica. Dominican Republic, and Haiti). In some countries they will be working alongside churches and will be conducting church services and messages. In other countries they will be involved in ministries which deal with the greatest modern-day issues plaguing our continent; Including the aids epidemic, sex-trafficking, fatherless homes, financial poverty and the continuously climbing rate of orphanages.
Their goal is to allow God to use their hands to change parts of this world, while simultaneously growing in intimacy with the creator of the universe. We will find that not only does stepping out assist others in the surrounding world, but the souls who choose to serve find they never could give what they receive from their services. That’s what the World Race is about: raising up a generation of people who are astounded and captivated by the over-abundant radical goodness of Jesus. Really, that is what life is about.
While partnering with the World Race team, they came alongside us in our ministry however they were needed. Some days they tagged along as we went to round up wood and food for the preschools. Another day we went and spoke to a primary school, and other days they stayed back at the office and assisted with maintenance work. It didn’t matter what we had planned, they were willing to join us. There is something extraordinary about being able to partner with a group of people from across the globe, or really with any group of people within the globe, for one specific purpose: to radically spread the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.
One of the world racers said, “I am in awe at what is going on in Swaziland. There is a thirsting for something greater. There is a revolution brewing amidst the wonderful people of Swaziland. So often we hear about the AIDS epidemic, the poverty and the lack of job opportunities, but unfortunately we don’t talk about what is going on in the hearts of the native people. We don’t hear about the souls on fire for Jesus, rather we hear of how joy and hope are absent here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Swaziland is awaiting spiritual eruption, and all that is necessary to begin the revolution is ordinary people willing to allow God to lead them further into a radical and unconditional love.”

Ordinary people we may all be, but blessed by God the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
Leo, Swazi Vision

In the photo above is the World Race team who worked alongside us. Below is a link to each of their blogs. Here you can also donate to their cause.


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