Psalm 96:3 Declare His Glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.


One Heart International Mission - Eswatini Trip

One Heart International Mission

Swaziland, October 2019

Swaziland Team

Nine of us from One Heart International Mission went on this trip to Eswatini (previously Swaziland). We carried food parcels and equipment to show the movie "Magdalena" which is the story of Jesus told through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.

Swaziland families

We were able to take some food parcels to some really poor families and minister to them and pray with them. It was truly an eye opener to interact with some of the local villagers while suffering with the really high temperatures!​

Swaziland Leo and Jill

Leo and Jill Baan from Swazi Vision hosted our team. Leo is a huge Dutch guy with an amazing sense of humour and a passion to serve God. Leo and Jill have been living at Nsoko in Eswatini for the past 7 years and are doing an amazing job at reaching out to and supporting their community. Leo tells amazing stories and the two of them made our whole team feel incredibly welcome.

Swaziland Prison

We showed the Magdalena movie in the prison. There were 95 people squeezed into a small room. The room had been darkened and the temperatures were sweltering. There are no photos inside the prison as we were asked to respect the prisoners privacy and not take any pics inside the prison.

Swaziland Anglican Church

We visited 2 different churches on the Sunday morning. First the Anglican Church and then Big Bend Community Church. The 2 services were so different but both amazing in their own way. In both services we could really sense a love for Jesus!

Swaziland Church at Big Bend

Further need

One of our Land Rovers is in need of some repairs!
With the extreme heat that we faced we realised the urgent need to get the air conditioner repaired! The same Landy also needs new rear shock absorbers and a new windscreen. The cost to have all this done is approximately R16400. ($1200) If you can help with this in any way please let us know. We'd really appreciate it! If you're in the US and give thru' PayPal you'll even get a tax receipt!!

Thank you so much to all who are committed to One Heart and our journey. Please continue to help in prayer and finance. I believe that God honours your commitment. One Heart supports 5 different missionaries and ministries and we never want to let them down. Together we can take this precious Gospel to those really difficult places! The next trip is Lesotho 1-4 November

Funding options

There are various funding options:
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4. For our friends in the US
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Nine of us from One Heart International Mission went on this trip to Eswatini (previously Swaziland). We carried food parcels and equipment to show the movie "Magdalena" which is the story of Jesus told through the eyes of Mary Magdalene... READ MORE

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